Smarter decisions through

personalised insights

Built for SMB retailers

Instead of math, charts and graphs, get recommendations on the best course of actions to grow your business.

We all want to work smarter.

Not harder.

Get Focused

Feeling overwhelmed by all that data?

We curate insights so that you focus on only the most relevant metrics.

Get Smarter

Feeling lost in the sea of advice?

We aggregate the best practices so that everybody learns.

Get Better

Feeling defeated from manual tasks?

We automate so that your people can focus on doing their best work.

Inspect feed to review insights

With current volume and velocity of raw data, it can take forever to clean and synthesize the various insights. Automate that away and focus on only the things that matter.

Monitor progress based on management goals

Keeping everyone updated across the organisation can be a daunting task as the business grows, use Haste to ensure that everyone is aware of the company’s target.

Gain visibility across channels

Data comes in from various channels- whether it is an offline point-of-sales, customised e-commerce website or an online marketplace, we are working to bring everything together.

Increase the impact of your teams

Diving into numbers and models can feel like work but time spent there is time away from running your actual business. We help you focus your best people on projects that move the needle.

Are you ready to start working