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Product Analytics Tags

Great companies are built on great products

Similar to your marketing strategies, your products are one of your core growth levers within your company.

If you don't get product right, no amount of marketing is going to save your business.

We give you the additional tools required to take your business to the next level.

Great Products

Everything starts with a great product…

…if you get that wrong, nothing else matters

Even if you had infinite capital to spend on marketing & the world’s most nimble supply chain, if you don’t get your products right, your customers aren’t going to stick around.

Downsides of bad product strategy

If you have the right products…

…everything else falls into place

Upside of great product strategy

Whether it’s landing page copyrighting, paid search ads, customer support or shopper advocacy, everything gets easier when you have the right products.

That starts with a data-driven merchandising strategy.

"Don't just focus on marketing to grow,

find the best products for your customers"

Innovate on your product strategy

Great Products
Engage customers using my products

Generate lists of customers that would most likely to be interested.

Understand which features really matter

Isolate features and tags to learn what’s driving sales across your channels.

Product data
Organize product data

Colour, designer, chemical components, etc. Organize your data the way you want.

Automate Monitoring
Automate performance monitoring

Monitor and receive periodic updates on your sales targets.

Figure out product pricing

View a historical archive of your different sale prices and cost prices.

Plan & manage future assortments

Upload product data from your suppliers and your excel documents into a centralized indexable wiki

Start innovating on your
product strategy