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We focus on delivering decisions, not dashboards, so that you can focus on growing your business.

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For retailers who are committed to increasing

sales and productivity

Less Manual Work

Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Feeling overwhelmed by all that data?

We curate insights so that you focus on only the most relevant metrics.

Catching Blindspots

Reduce Blind Spots

Don't sweat over every possible permutation

Insights are automatically generated to turn data into decisions.

Efficient Work

Eradicate Inefficiencies

Stop wasting time on repetitive manual analysis

Retail analytics is supposed get you to focus on doing your best work.

Retail Sales Channels

Increase Visibility Across Sales Channels

Commerce doesn’t occur only through one sales channel.

We understand that your retail operations might require you to aggregate data across sales channels. We don’t want you to neglect sales data that could be vital to your business.

Be it an online store, multiple offline stores, or even online third-party marketplaces- use Haste to integrate these channels and increase visibility across the organisation.

Monitor Feed To Keep Tabs On Operation

Metrics and KPIs are great for keeping everyone aligned but they don’t tell the full story behind every transaction.

Keeping track of everything doesn’t seem like a viable option either. This is where most retail and e-commerce dashboards fail- lots of visualisation, but not always relevant.

Use the Feed to keep tabs on only the most relevant information relating to the business.

Monitor Dashboards for KPIs and Metrics
Keep Updated to Grow

Keep Updated With The Latest Milestones

As growth accelerates, it becomes a daunting task to keep everyone across the organisation up-to-date with the latest progress.

Not everyone has access or time to dive into business dashboards to view the metrics and KPIs.

Haste automatically pushes these updates to the relevant stakeholders within the various user accounts.

Make Confident Decisions With Data

The explosion of data has caused analytical complexity to rise exponentially.

If we spent all our time digging into transactional data, sales metrics and promotional campaign effectiveness, we might never have enough time to run the business.

Haste employs various data science techniques to extract away these complexities so that you can increase the productivity of your team.

Confidence with Data Analytics

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