Invest in your product
strategy early

Retail is HARD. Don't make it harder
Retail Work Station
Pay for only what you need

All features are included in starting plan

+$25 for 2 users
Sales Channels
+$25 per channel
+$25 for 100 tags
+$25 for 250 products
Estimated bill*
1 users
1 sales channel
100 tags
250 products


Q. What is included in the core module?

The starter pack includes 1 user, 1 sales channel, 100 tags and 250 products. More than enough to get you started!

Q. What is a user?

A user is defined as an account (usually associated through a company email) used to login to their Haste account

Q. What is a sales channel?

For brick & mortar, each physical location will be counted as one sales channel.
For online stores, each website domain (including external marketplaces) will be counted as one sales channel.

Q. What is a tag?

Tags are used to label products to aid in data manipulation, visualization and analysis.

Q. What is a product?

What your customers buy.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

We are using Stripe as our payment gateway so all major credit cards are accepted.