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Experimentation Dashboard

Integrate across sources

We know that your data might be all over the place. With Haste, you have the option to use our turnkey integration across your multiple data sources or use our API to build your own pipeline if you prefer.

Track and manage milestones

We are good with numbers but we can’t guess the imaginary goal in your head. Use the platform to set goals and select the core metrics. We will track the growth rates and monitor milestones from there.

Work smart and keep focused

Externally, we aggregate and curate only the best practices and insights so that you focus on what’s important. Internally, deriving insight from SQL and excel is a nightmare. We tell you what you should be looking at but give you the ability to dive in and search for answers easily.

Experiment and keep learning

In the knowledge economy, the only retailers that will remain are the ones that get smarter about their business every day. We help you track experiments on pricing and measure the effectiveness of promotions so that you can record the findings and keep learning.

Full suite of retail analytics solutions

Retail Store: Online & Offline Solution

Overview of Metrics

Metrics and KPIs are the pulse of the business and Haste automatically tracks your pulse to keep your business healthy. You only have to spend time within the application when you get alerted.

Sales Dashboards

Unlike your typical dashboard where you might have to dive into the sales data yourself to investigate trends, Haste filters the information required and offers you the comparison to check out in your free time.


We monitor trends across merchants and external data sets in order to give you the most updated forecast for you to plan your business. Promotional campaigns and pricing changes can also be factored in.

Basket Monitoring

Before Haste, due to the complexity basket analysis, manually monitoring changes to basket compositions was never an option. Now, get alerts on the latest changes that influence your bottom line.

Pricing Strategy

Striking a balance between shopper satisfaction and a fair profit margin is never easy. Haste helps you conduct pricing experiments so that you can better gauge your shoppers’ “willingness to pay”.

Funnel Inspection

There are always leakages in the funnel and there is never enough time to fix every point. Haste prioritises the impact of the different stages of the funnel to optimise time spent.

Promotion Effectiveness

At scale, you could have hundreds of ongoing promotions across your different sales channels. Haste helps you monitor the effect of these promotions and calculate the marginal uplift from these campaigns.

Shopper Segmentation

No two shoppers are alike and there may be dozens of different strategies for segmenting their behavioural profiles. Haste constantly monitors and informs you if something drastic has changed about your shoppers.

Cohort Analysis

Cohorts are the atomic unit of a commerce business. They determine the exact math behind what it takes to scale and succeed in the long-term. In order to maximise your opportunity, Haste can help track this historical behaviour for up to 3 years.

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis Across Channels


Quickly retrieve relevant information to prepare sales reports for management meetings


Manage forecasting for inventory management and staffing requirements


Monitor changes to view effects of changes in promotions and store layouts

Pricing Strategy


Shifting market conditions require constant pricing updates and we help simplify that process


Manually monitoring every SKU across the different channels is too overwhelming- lean back and get alerts only when relevant


Log previous price changes and archive notes and comments so that everyone on the team learns
Pricing and Payment Options

Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Campaigns across Channels


Examine the marginal uplift of previous promotional campaigns


Not every promotional campaign will be a success so we help you figure out why through experiments


Log and learn from previous campaigns as a team so as to move forward as a team

Shopper Engagement


Track cohorts across time horizons and events to see how each of them are performing


Prevent deadweight loss due to leaky funnels and explore optimisation opportunities


Identify behavioural patterns within different shopper segments to grow loyal shoppers
New Age of Shoppers

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